Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Christmas and New Year

Well, I know it’s might be a little bit late for me to update my celebration for Christmas and New Year… haha
I have decided to take leave down to KL during Christmas.
Not only because I need to meet friend (and of cause I want to shopping! Haha…) but also because I never celebrate Christmas among the 3 years of my university life in KL… >_<''
The school break was held from Nov to Dec…
So this was the 1st time I have chance to see the nice decoration of different shopping mall.
24th I planned to spend the whole day I Mid Valley (and The Garden).

I thought there sure a lot of things wait for me to buy… who knows~
Get nothing from there but just a lot of photos snapping. Haha…
Planned to meet my friend Ying at there but unluckily time not allowed me to do so.
So just took my LEE HOM DVD from her and say good bye then went to the next destination.

Where? The Curve.
There was a count down for Christmas.
Well, this is the 1st time I countdown for Christmas or New Year.
Normally I rather sit in front TV and countdown with my family. Haha…

What i got from this KL trip were eat, eat and eat... lolx

1 st day of 2010.
Normally I wouldn’t go out for this day or 31st the last day for last year.
But this year I wish I could have something special.
So I meet my buddy Siew.
We went to Gurney Plaza for lunch and movie.
We decided to have buffet as lunch! What a luxurious meal for a brand new year… haha…
We have our buffet @ G-Hotel.
It’s such a long long time ago when I was having my buffet in hotel… ha
Not quite lot of foods to eat but…
The desserts were attracted.
Various desserts to let you eat.
Well, there have seafood like shrimps and oysters... various salads... various main course... And, the most important is...

I found my favorite dish!

Roasted duck with plum sauce…

This is “International Buffet”
So it’s contained western and eastern foods.

We ate not much but very full.
I think it’s because we really enjoy the atmosphere more than the foods. Haha…
After that we went for movie – The Treasure Hunter by Jay Chou.

Well, what can I say for this movie?!
I just can say you better watch Indiana Jones… haha

Boring gal snap in toilet... lolx

So happy can hang out with best friend!

OK, what i'm took is a present from Siew...

It's book of Jimmy~
NICE and THANK YOU Siew... love you... haha


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