Sunday, January 08, 2012

Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Krystal Point

Last time not always eat Thai food
As I'm not really can eat spicy food...
But since I joined my current team
I start to have the chances
To explore Thai food as my colleagues them like to eat~!

Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant is one of the place
That we visited often...
The food was really nice~!
They have 2 branches in Penang island
One was located in Krystal Point
Near to the place I worked and living...
So it's always our choice when come to lunch or dinner... 

They served affordable ala carte, set lunch and set dinner...
We had the set dinner for 5 persons...
I don't know what my colleagues them select
As I was late to arrive there...
So... I just waiting the food to serve! Hahaha... 

Iced Lemon Tea x 2, Iced Crysthanamum and Hot Chinese Tea

Appetizer - Raw cucumber with Sambal

Not fancy on cucumber and sambal...
And due to can't really eat spicy
So I didn't try out this appetizer...
But my colleagues said their sambal is best!

Just a normal Omelette
Can't really remember what's inside there...
Haha... ^^

Stir Fried Kailan with Salted Fish

Oh this dish was nice to eat...
It wasn't too salty although it contained salted fish...
Not a spicy dish too... haha ^^

Prawn cakes

Recommended dish~!!!!!
I like the prawn cake because it was definitely delicious!
Crunchy outside covered with bread crumbs
Inside was juicy prawn meat blended with other ingredients
Must eat with the Thai sauce...

Deep Fried Chicken with Lemongrass (up) 
Another one should be Deep Fried Chicken with Lime Cream Sauce

Both were chicken dishes
But one was cooked dry while another one was in sauce
Can't really taste out the lemongrass as it was deep fried
It just like a fried chicken without any taste...
For the lime cream sauce,
It tasted like sweet n' sour chicken~ Haha

Chicken Green Curry

Chicken againnnnnnnn~!!!!!
Don't know they ordered so many chicken dishes...
I think this restaurant was halal la... Hahaha =.=''
Totally different with what I try before...
This was a original Thai green curry...
Due to we ate too much chicken before this was served,
So we didn't finished it...
Oh ya~ The green curry chicken not as spicy as I thought...
Or maybe my level to accept spicy was increased?! Hehe...

Baked Crab with Glass Noodle

Nice dish~!!!
I love crab with the glass noodle...
It put lot of blackpepper as seasoning~
But I can accept the taste
Although it's was quite spicy... ^^
Like like...... ❤

 Kang Som Seafood

My colleagues didn't ordered Tom Yam
They choose this Kang Som Seafood
It taste way more spicy than Tom Yam!!!!!
Once I tried it... Phew........
Start sweating and totally need to drink my cold tea
To help me cold down... =.=''
So~ I didn't managed to finish it...
And yet I still prefer Tom Yam la~ 

Tub Tim Krob RM3.90

Finally, ended our perfect dinner with dessert...
Inside have the water chestnuts and jackfruits
Blended with the creamy coconut milk.
Nice to eat although normally I didn't eat that both fruits
(I know I'm weird~!!! Haha)
It worth 3 stars out of 5... ★★★
Win my heart for the quality and quantity...
And of course for it delicious food~ ^^
Not forget I have purchased online voucher
To enjoy the set dinner in discount price during CNY...
Stay tune~ ^^

More Info:

Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant
B303-1-27 Kristal Point
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
11900 Bayan Lepas Penang.
Tel: +604-643-0752


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