Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's go to PIKNIK Café Again!

After quite some time since the 1st visit to PikNik Café
Click HERE for the 1st visit...( Gosh~! It was half years back~!!!! )
That time was November 2011 @_@
Wow time really flies.......

The 2nd time I bring along my Dear
Since he never go there before...
We went there at night after his working hour
Both of us were super hungry~!


Hungry face! LOL~

We thought there won't be many customers inside
as it was Thursday~
But we were wrong!
The places mostly been occupied...
Left 1 or 2 tables empty only larrrrr... =.=''
Well, look like Penangite like to hang around cafe after work ya...
Once the menu put on our table
Very the fast we decided what to eat
( Should say that I decided myself... LOL )

Of course I have to introduce my Dear
the best food in PikNik~

Honey Milk RM7.00
❀ Winter Melon Lemon Tea RM5.00
Dory Fish Fritter RM10.00 
❀ Pumpkin Creamy Cheese Bake Pasta RM15.00
(Oh price increased!)
❀ Waffle Bacon - Streaky Bacon with scramble egg & cheese RM12.00

THAT'S ALL~!!!!! 

That's ain't greedy doesn't it?! 


*** The quality of photos were not as clear as last time
Because the light of night time and the camera itself 
(Use Iphone... lolxxx)

Honey Milk Cold + Winter Melon Lemon Tea

Winter Melon Lemon Tea

Dory Fish Fritter

Fish Fritter is the all time favorite...
Even Dear love it so much~!
But never know that the tartar sauce cost RM1.00
when we asked for extra one... hahahaha...
Well we willing to pay for it's tastiness... ^^
 It's totally different than others tartar sauce
( I think it is home made~ )

Pumpkin Creamy Cheese Bake Pasta

Not forgot to recommend their Pumpkin Creamy Cheese bake Pasta
But this time it was not the RIBBON PASTA~!
Awwwww T^T
Dear can't even finished it...
( Miracle~!!! 1st time he can't finish the food... )
He said it was too greasy n' creamy for him...
Well... Now I know how to stop him for eating too much~!
LOL... ^___^

Waffle Bacon

Oh ma new favourite in PikNik
Streaky Bacon with scramble egg & cheese onto waffle...
Yum yum...
Not a big portion but enough for me as a dinner... ^^
Strongly recommended~!
Once again if you are beef lover must go for the Waffle Beef...
For me I am not
therefore I voted for Waffle Bacon... LOL

Let me cut the waffle for you~! LOL

The bill was kept in a antique box
So cute~!
Just put your $$$ inside will do... ^^
Well this dinner was between our budget
which is RM50.50...
( Our budget is RM50 )

Front camera very lousy la... =.=''

More Info:

15 & 17, Jalan Nagor, 10050 Penang, Malaysia

+04 2260562 & +016 4529250


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