Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Ship Restaurant @ Batu Ferringhi

Thanks god for the chances that
I worked in computer company as sales before...
I have tasted a lots of great food
(And expensive indeed~!!!!!)
The places that I went mostly were the places that
I won't pay myself to go there~! LOL
The moment I worked in there was a great memories I never forgot! ^^

One of the place that I have been was The Ship~
They claimed that they have "The Best Steak In Town"
But too bad I don't fancy on beef... LOL

Best steak in town~!!!
I had a great dinner with my colleagues there
of course with the bosses who paid the bill - Singapore vendors...

We have the chances to choose what we want for the main course...
Hmmmm no beef no mutton no salmon
(Some say I very choosy lorrrr...)
So left combo the only choice...
Okay I'm done with it...
Hahahaha... No need to choose la as this is one and only choice... =.=''

*** Thanks to my friend for the DSLR
Not really good quality because I'm not pro with it! LOL

Start with the fruit punch and orange juice
Even beer! Definitely it's not mine... Haha
Here's come the starter bread with butter
And they ordered Bake French Snails too!!!
Just took the photo but dare not eat la...
We even have chocolate cake
(That's should be the dessert for ending...)

Appertizer - Shrimp Salad
Hmmmm not really like when the shrimps served in cold condition
Like eating raw meat... =.=''

Soup - Seafood Clam Chowder ( I guess )
Have you ever taste "sweet" clam chowder?!
If not, here is the best place for you to get some~!
Weirdness was the only feeling I had~
Not sure because they added the corns or what
Caused the soup not salty like usual but sweet... =.=''
NOT recommended~!!! 

Wow~ Fresh oysters in lemon juice and thousand island sauce (?!)
Kinda big right?! @_@
I tried one but ended up felt so weird for the fresh taste~!
Like eating or drinking sea water... =.=''
I forgot ended up I spat it out or I swallowed?
Conclusion ~ I prefer cooked food~!!!

Here's my main course - Combo of Grilled Chicken and BBQ Shrimps
The taste of chicken was really nice with the sauce on it
But not sure is it normally we eat too heavy taste?!
Or their food cooked in healthy way?
Because my colleagues and me felt that the chicken and shrimp
are not well marinated...
Kinda no salt added onto them... Tasteless... LOL
So when we saw some waiters took 4 different sauces
and walked around
Immediately we asked them to fill in some tartar sauce for us...
It taste better with the tartar sauce~!

Salmon Fish

The taste not bad according to my colleagues...
But I dunno why I can't accept the taste of salmon
So I just avoid to eat it... Hahaha...

The BEST steak in town~!!!! 
It was delicious according to S'pore vendor
As this was his order...

My own photo for ending~! LOL ^^

More Info:

The Ship Restaurant

69-B, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang.
Office Tel
Restaurant Tel
Business Hour
Monday to Sunday (12.00 pm to 1.00 am)


HelenCC said...

ei, how u know i'm UPM students??
btw, I'm also Penang lang ^^

*JeSSieTan* said...

I saw you blogged about UPM ma... hahaha... Yup so co-incident we both graduated in UPM n was a Penang lang... ^^

HelenCC said...

Yea, and also food lover & like to take photo ^^

*JeSSieTan* said...

Hahahahahaha... ^____^

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