Monday, May 28, 2012

Lovely Birthday 24042012

Well time flies and here come my BIRTHDAY~!!!!!!!!!
OMG~~~~~~~~ @_@
It's mean I am no longer "young"... T^T
But we can't escape it so we have to accept it with HAPPY...
I have a special birthday celebration in 2012
Because this is the 1st birthday that I celebrate with my love one T____T
( Cry and touching because 1st time ah! Eat till so old d... LOL )
Previously I only have a bunch of friends
who celebrate for me every years...
Thanks to them always! ^^
Let's see where I went and did for my 24042012... Hahaha

Few days before my birthday
I have received my birthday present in a large polka dot paper bag~!
There was 3 things inside... 
I never knew that my dear will gave me 3 presents...
1 ~ Cute white bag from Materials 
(I mentioned it NICE before... 
But I just said it doesn't mean I really want due to the white color... Hahahaha)
2 ~ PINK heart cushion ❤
3 ~ ESPRIT sunglasses!!!!!
(❤ it to the MAX~!)

Thank you and I Love You... 

Dear and me went to Chicago Rib House on the weekend
before my birthday ( Falling on Tuesday )
Two reasons we been there ~
1. We never go before.
2. I have RM100 vouchers! ( Let's spend it all~~~~ ♩♬♩♪♬♪♫ )
Lalalalalalala... Happy~

Here come's our orders...

Banana Berry & Very Berry
Nothing much special for the smoothies

Cheese Nachos RM17.90
We ordered one of the starter...  
The golden crunchy tortilla chips topped with shredded chicken,
chopped spring onions,
fresh tomato cubes and mixed cheese
The chips were served along with tomato salsa and sour cream
Nice to eat when it is HOT... yummy...

Next was the main course...

Chicago's Combo Grills RM42.90
Pork ribs~!!!
 Just feel that it's kinda hard to find
a western restaurant that sell pork...
Like that Chilli and TGIF don't have pun~
The combo served with pork ribs and BBQ chicken...
Nice juicy texture for the chicken
And the ribs were well marinated~! Delicious~!!! ^^
Too bad we only ordered one main course
as we thought it should be in large portion...
So a little bit disappointed when the food served
in front us... 
Oh a bit small la for 2 dinosaurs... LOL
Anyway, we still quite full after the starter, main course and drinks... ^^

Spend it all~! RM10 X 10

PORK RIBS in the town! Wahahaha...

I thought there won't have any other celebration on the 24042012
as we already celebrated it on weekend
But Dear still wanna bring me for another round celebration
( HAPPY~ ^^)
So we went to the nearest QB Mall
And simply choose Sakae Sushi
for the Japanese dinner... haha ^^

Nothing special...
We had dinner in Sakae Sushi just because
It's been a while I never pay visit to there
after they changed their menu~! ( Seem so long... )

Fried Vegetable~ 
No more RM1.90 for ma favourite Fried Vegetable!
Now it become RM3.90~ =.=''
Must ask waiter for the sweet sauce
as the fried foods nice to served with it!
Yum yum...

My Curry Katsu Don~

Dear's Salmon & Teriyaki Chicken set...
After dinner...
Dear bought me a birthday cake...
I choose a small one as below
Mix Fruit Cake @ Bread History QB

1st Birthday cake from DEAR ❤

Happy Birthday to ME~! ^^


OK 2 times of celebrations,
So what's next?!!!

Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus

Of cause,
Not forgot to join my friends for the belated birthday celebration... ^^

We had our dinner at Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus
A quite new restaurant located at Tanjung Tokong area
They are having the promotion on dinner set
Which is 1 set for RM19.00...

Here's my set of dinner ~
* Mushroom soup
Pork Stew With European Bake Rice
* Ice-Cream Specialise in Western Fusion cuisine

Like the mushroom soup!
But disappointed on the rice
as the taste is just way too normal for me... =.=''
The pork stew is like "kong bak" (Hokkien)
Just in a western style la... haha...
And the dessert was actually just a ice-cream
which put on "crepe"... 
That's all... LOL
Well, we also tried out the ala carte Cheers Knuckles which
the crispy skin separated with meat 
served with a bowl of Thai Salsa & Beer Reduction Sauce
I like the crispy skin and the sauce!
My friend commented it was nicer than the Berlin Bierhaus's one
But....... actually they have some kinda relationship~
Not sure what it is and I'm not interested... LOL

After meal, surely I have to cut cake...
Proudly presented by my lovely friends... Hahahaha ^^
Taadaaaaaa... Coffee Cheese cake from JENNI'S CAKE HOUSE!
(Highly recommended for it nice and price affordable cake!!!)

2nd Birthday cake of the year... ^^

Thank you guys~!!! ❤ ^^

More Info:

Chicago Rib House

Gurney Plaza, 170-G-43, Gurney Plaza,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang
Tel: 04-2290763
Hours of Operation: 11am – 11pm

Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus

3X, Jalan Pantai Molek, 
Tanjung Tokong, 
10470 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-8999757


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