Friday, June 01, 2012

幸福下厨 ❤ Homemade Passion Fruit Drink

My students gave me 2 passion fruits
on the celebration of Teachers' Day~ LOL...
I never try it before and 
totally no idea what can I do with it...
(I don't want to eat it straightly because
I scare it will too sour to put in mouth)
So I decided to make a drink
I google it and found out Passion Fruit Soda drinks
But too bad here don't sell Lime soda...
Only have Ice-cream Soda~ Haha
Never mind just let me create the drink myself...

✲✲✲ Passion Fruits 
(The more "wrinkles" it has show that it more "sweet" and "mature")
Hahahahahaha... I didn't bluff you because it was told by another teacher...
✲✲✲ One bottle of Ice-cream Soda (What else if not F&N?!)
✲✲✲ A slice of Lemon
✲✲✲ Last but not least, ice cubes...

So easy right?!
Just use spoon to pick out the passion fruit seeds 
(They can eat larrrr although look like watermelon seeds... LOL)
The fruit can't seperated from the seeds so just eat it!!!
The pour 100ml Ice-cream soda to a glass
Squeeze the lemon slice into the soda
Then add in 2 or 3 spoons of Passion fruit
Last just put in ice cubes...


No need to add in sugar because Ice-cream soda is sweet~!!!
The passion fruit is sour than sweet...
So they both mixed well and became a great combination! ^^

The next day I was thinking
What else I can create?!
So.... Taaaaadaaaaaaa...
Passion Fruit Ice-blended
Talented nya~

Half blended
(A.K.A "not blend well" LOL)
I have added in some Kiwi fruit
just for fun...
So lucky there's nothing happen
(I mean stomach ache larrrr... haha)

Well blended~
Hmmmmm... I think I should blend until the seeds is gone!
Or next time should only take the juice but not the fruit
Because I don't like the crunchy seeds lar... Haha...
Anyway it's a nice try
And I'm proud of my creativity...


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