Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Good Bye! "Food & Tea HK Restaurant"

If you go to Gurney Plaza recently...
You will found out there are lots of new restaurants opened or open soon~!
One of it was Sushi Tei
N' it located at 2nd floor shop lot near Chatime
which formerly is Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant
I haven got chance to post it up here
It already EOL (End of life) =.=

1st time I knew it was in KL
Because I love Hong Kong dishes~!!!!!
N' it's replaced Kim Gary in The Mines shopping mall~! :(
But my favorite & 1st choice of Hongkie restaurant was Kim Gary
Anyway always go to same restaurant will satiate...
So when I have gathering with Siew few times in Gurney Plaza
We will choose Food & Tea
1 of the reason is because
There is always not crowded and no need to wait long for the food...
Some more when there is no other patron
You will feel like the restaurant was wholly booked by you~!
Hahahaha ^o^*
But it also the reason that it's closed now la
(Not much patrons ma... =.=)
Seem like it can survive in KL with the promotion of free flow milk tea but not here...
Next time if really wanna try on other dishes,
must go to Sungai Wang or Berjaya Times Square there d...

This gathering between 3 musketeers
(Siew, Molly & Me)
Was held on July 2011
After Siew came back from inner Mongolia~

Honey Peach Green Tea & Apple Green Tea

Assam Fish Rice set
Salad Prawn Rice set

Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop RM12.30My vote still goes to Kim Gary's cheese bake rice~! ❤
This slightly lose to KG because the pork/chicken was not tasty enough~
But nowadays KG's cheese bake series also start to less cheese d la...
Cut cost or what?! It's definitely will affect the flavor lo~

Thanks to Siew for the lovely souvenir & it was nice! ❤❤

It's a good memories for our gathering
as we always hard to meet all the time...
& time to say GOOD BYE to Food & Tea~
(not sure whether they still have branch in mainland?!)
But it's time to think new place for gathering next time...
Maybe we will have a chance to try the new sushi restaurant~!
hahahaha ^^


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