Wednesday, December 07, 2011

朱师父香港点心茶餐厅 Master Choo Kitchen @ 1st Avenue

Really a first time!
That we got a chance to visit a newly open restaurant~
That time was November 2010
1st Avenue shopping mall was opened not long
And then Master Choo opened too...
We saw a lot of flower baskets at level 3
Only we realized there was a new restaurant
So we decided to give it a try...

Nice interior design and decoration
Full of Chinese culture feel...

Visited with Esther and her sis... ^^
Look at the menu...
Hmmm~ What to eat?!

Here come's our orders:

Hong Kong Milk Tea (Cold)
RM3.60 &
Strawberry Milk Shake

The signature famous Crispy Egg Tart in Master Choo!
RM1.60 each
The skin of egg tart really crispy and taste like biscuit... haha
One of my favorite snack...
Must order every time I go there~!
But it's always finish if you're late...

Spareribs in Tomato Sauce Rice

Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce Rice

Black Pepper Chicken Chop rice

After that I still paid few times visit to there and try out different dishes...
It always my 1st choice when I go to 1st Avenue
As there are not much choices
It get 3 stars out of 5 ★★★
for the nice environment and some of the dishes are delicious
e.g French Fried Rice, Egg Tart etc...
It's a nice place for hi-tea and eat side orders
Because I'm not really recommend their main courses
Their are way too normal and not tasty (for me)
Will dig out more photos once I get back my laptop and post up here~!
Stay tune ^^


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