Monday, December 05, 2011

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House @ Queensbay Mall

I have paid few visits to Winter Warmers but always forgot to post up...
Now time to review the 1st visit to there...

The 1st time I went there with colleagues during lunch time
We went to the branch which located at Queensbay Mall (My 2nd home! LOL)
The decoration of interior was simply nice...
"Flowery" as the table covered in flower cloth~ hahahaha ^^
The surrounding and It's make us feel a bit "high class" and
imagine we enjoying our "hi-tea" in some where in foreign~
But I can't really remember the name of
some dishes as it's was since last year @_@

Here are some food & drink that we ordered:

Rose Milk Tea

Strong in rose aroma...
The dry rise bud floating on milk tea~
Smell good.. ^^

This is my Green Tea Latte (Green tea always my favorite!)

Always love fine art on the cups & plates...

Iced Fruit Tea

If we order set lunch, there is 4 different sets to choose.
My "cheese bake" set lunch RM21.90 which included:


* Main course
My order Cheese Bake Bolognese Chicken

Always love cheese~
The taste is not bad but you can get more nicer outside there...

And last but not least,
There always sweet ending with dessert...
Here is the Honeydew pudding~

Those are some other orders.


And another time
I can't remember why Ivion and me go there for lunch
Maybe after movie or what... hahaha...

Here is Ivion's Lavender Cheese Cake
Smell good and taste nice too~!
You can't ever get the cake outside there...
(I guess this is the only reason why should I go Winter Warmers~ LOL)

Here is my tea... Caramel Milk Tea

A super full meal of tea & main course
Fish Fillet Carbonara Pasta
Totally can't finish the pasta as quite big portion
and when it's cold...
Not that tasty to eat anymore...
Ended up I just can finished the fish fillet...
hahaha =.=

Overall the food is OK larrrrr... haha...
It's get 2 stars out of 5 ★★
Nothing special except the herbs cake
It always the choice only when we run out of idea
where to have lunch~
Or we just wanna spend time to drink tea eat snack
for some relax..
Some people fancy their cake or tea
For me I'll choose for the dessert or waffle
instead of pasta... haha...

More info:

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

GF 06 Queensbay Mall Penang,
100 Persiaran Bayan lepas ,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.



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