Thursday, June 14, 2012

Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall

I went to Azuma Japanese Restaurant twice
1st time was a gathering between friends
2nd time was the company team dinner
due to team hit the sales for server or storage...
And it also my last company dinner
(Kinda farewell dinner larrrr... haha)

There was around 8 people who joined the dinner
included director and manager =.=''
But in another fact we enjoyed the dinner too!
Top management sure ordered good food ma~!!! Hahahaha...
So let's see what I had on that night~
(** All is without price as no one know it~! LOL)

Cold Starter
First was the Tako (Squid in Japanese)
not sure the middle one was abalone or jelly fish?! LOL
The most right hand side was pickle vegetable...
Overall -
I don't like it...
I just can accept that little Tako
because we can have it anywhere now
no matter Japanese cuisine or Chinese cuisine... haha

Sashimi of Salmon, Maguro and Shrimp

Toooooo bad I don't eat raw food~!!!!!
So Ah Pia was very the happy when I told him
"Come and get the both raw fishs!"
I tried the fresh shrimp with souyu (Sweet soya sauce)
yet still can't accept the taste... yuck felt so weird~!
I swollen it without bite lerrrr... LOL
Maybe I'm not get use to any raw food... =.=''

Teppan Lobster with cheese~!!!!!!!

Woolala... Lobster!
1st time I have lobster in Japanese cuisine la... LOL
Highly recommended for this cuisine
not because it is lobster
but also because the taste is
Vote it to the TOP
among all the dishes I ate that night... Haha
It's not only topped with cheese
Actually it cooked with the mayonnaise
(Oh my favorite sauce!)
So I love the ingredients and so do the dishes! LOL
* Must try *
(Problem is when I go there to view the price I can't see this on menu...
Dunno it is special order or I blind?! Hahahaha)

Hotate Miso Soup

Hotate ほたて = Scallop
Yes it was a scallop!
How come it got the orange thingy?!
I dunno... But I guess that was the eggs =.=''
Ah Pia don't have that on scallop and his one look so small
compared to mine...
Therefore he complaint : How come my is different?!!
How I know woh... I'm lucky ma... Ahahahaha...

Ah Pia said: Got shell inside the bowl lerrrr!
So I took it out~
Wow~! Big right?! Hahahaha...

Garlic Fried Rice

My another colleague was asking how come no sushi eh?
He felt not enough full after few dishes...
Never mind we got Garlic Fried Rice served...
But this was the small bowl portion only~
The rice taste good and it's contained seafood...
Yum yum...
But colleague still complained he was hungry!!!

Toooo bad we are soon to finish the dinner
Because dessert served~!
Both guys were shocked on the spot
because they still not full larrrr...
Ah Pia said the food just filled his stomach only not yet reach till throat...
Cheh... Really is tong sampah lar!!!
He is a huge dustbin which large capacity! LOL =.='' 

Fried Ice Cream

I choose the strawberry flavor due to I don't want
Chocolate flavor...
No comment for this because
it way too normal~ Haha...
Nothing special larrrr

Well we not only ate ice-cream
But we also had fruits as the ending of dinner...

Honeydew, Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry and Grapes
I admitted that I was choosy la...
I don't eat honeydew and mango...
So I told Ah Pia how about we exchange?!
Therefore, here come my extra strawwwwwwberries... LOL ^^

Overall it was a nice quality and nice service Japanese restaurant
The place also quite convenience and the deco is nice~
But the price was slightly higher than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi
(Some say different level la can't compare)
It worth ★★★ out of 5 stars
Will consider to go there again
if have any celebration... LOL

More Info:

Azuma Japanese Restaurant

No 100-2F87, Queensbay Mall,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia.

Tel No : 04-6413118


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